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Run Mega Absol by NeoHydra77
Run Mega Absol

Haven't drawn this guy in a while so here it is!

Mega Absol is one of my favorite mega evolution pokemon (even though I still don't have a gen 6 game yet...) and I always loved Absol. It's not my all time favorite pokemon (that would be Hydreigon) but I still used a couple and really want its mega form.

...Actually I should see about drawing Hydreigon sometime in the future.

Let me know what you guys think!
Magnetman Tesla and Gauss by NeoHydra77
Magnetman Tesla and Gauss
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Magnetman, Tesla, Gauss, or Megaman NT Warrior/Battle Network in any way, shape, or form!

So yeah, title says it all. I just felt like drawing these guys as I noticed I haven't really done so yet even though I really like these guys and Tesla is actually my favorite female Megaman character.

I tried to make the background look kinda like the different net areas in the game but...meh.

Please tell me what you guys think!
Lucas Zap by NeoHydra77
Lucas Zap
Disclaimer: I only own Lucas! I do NOT own Megaman NT Warrior/Battle Network!

I forgot to lower the opacity on the outline layer and can't now because I merged all my layers together, darn it!

So now for his bio!

Name: Lucas Henry Zap
Age: 14
Birthday: June 17
Sign: Gemini
Instrument: Recorder

   Lucas is the only child of Jack and Ann, born in Kingland before going to Electopia on a trip with his mother which led to them finding Jack having joined the WWW as early as during the season 1 when Lucas overheard Maddy complaining about the count and asked her to take him to his father. He was horrified at finding this out; fearing it meant the organization was more important to the count than his family. He eventually understands this is not the case and does warm up to his father's friends.

    He starts off as a polite young man who has very little self-confidence due to being teased when younger and is a bit naive to how to interact with other people. He either comes across as too formal and struggles to talk casually or is unintentionally too blunt with his statements (this is something he picked up from Elecman by the way.) The most important thing to him from begining to end is his family and he will NOT allow anyone to badmouth his relatives. Such as when Lan called Ann old (kinda like he did in the games) Lucas's first reaction is to smack him over the back of his head. Or when anyone flirts with his cousin Tesla (it took Lucas a while to accept Charlie due to this.)

    He does make new friends and become some sort of rival group to Lan and his friends. The first one he meets is Atsuki Homura; a mouthy boy who Lucas doesn't get along with at first. Next is Dark Scythe; who the two boys first found to be rather creepy but do find themselves hanging out with more and more. In the trio Lucas is often the ignored voice of reason. He TRIES to keep his friends out of trouble but, with Atsuki being too stubborn and Dark thinks driving Lucas crazy is funny, it usually ends with him getting dragged along anyways.

    He also has this tendency to interact with the navis almost as much as he does people if not more. For example when he and Dark become friends Lucas will on occasion talk with Eraseman or when he meets up with up with someone he hasn't seen in a while he will ask them how is their navi doing. This is probably because of Elecman being his best friend since Lucas was a baby so while other people might find it a bit weird, to Lucas talking to a navi is no different than talking to another human.

Likes: Cartoons, playing his instrument, practicing his voice acting (only when no one's around)

Dislikes: Spiders (Lucas is an arachnophobic and can't even stand Spidy, Webby or Arachy viruses), any insults to his family, Chaud, Raika, Charlie (at first), Commander Beef (Lucas found him even more creepy than he did Dark and would hide behind his parents)

NetBattling Stratigies:

At the beginning Lucas would have only supportive chips like Area Steal or Invis due to a mix of his lack of confidence and fear of Elecman getting hurt. When he gets more comfortable netbattling he'll add more offensive chips and make a folder that specializes in paralyzing his opponents then quickly defeat them before they could recover.

I tried to make his style of battling different from his parents. Basically Jack has a wild style and just does whatever while Ann focuses more on pure offense and Lucas has a more stratigic style.


He can easily get a job in voice acting as Lucas is one of those people who can do over a hundred different voices. He actually does freak even his own family out on occasion with his wide vocal range and how he can effortlessly switch between one of his higher pitch voices to one of the deeper ones.

Also he's pretty good with electronics, not as good as his father but Jack had taught him some things.


Count Zap: Jack tries everything he can to still be a good dad for Lucas and wants his son to be more confident even after joining the WWW. Lucas in return deeply cares for his dad and enjoys spending time with him whenever they can.

Mrs. Zap: Lucas greatly looks up to his mother and she is usually one of the first adult he goes to if there was ever any issue. However if she is angered he is out of the room in the blink of an eye. Ann in return is understanding and will do all that she can to be there for him.

Elecman: The navi has always been Lucas's best friend. Whenever something is troubling him, Elecman is always the first one to notice and tries to find out what is wrong. Lucas in return is very concern about sending the navi into battle and panics when he gets damaged.

Gauss Magnus: For as much as Gauss does not like his brother he does care for his nephew and tries to avoid fighting with Jack whenever the boy is nearby. Lucas in return won't let anyone say anything about his uncle's crossdressing habbits.

Tesla Magnus: Despite their father's constant fighting the two cousins are very close to each other to where Lucas can't stand seeing guys flirt with her and Tesla is incredibly protective of him to the point where she can be a bit smothering sometimes.

Magnetman: While he interacts with the navi the least, the two do have some concern for each other. Lucas will every now and then ask about how Magnetman is doing and Magnetman will listend to Lucas almost as well as he does Tesla or Gauss.

Atsuki Homura: He was incredibly rude to Lucas at first but eventually the two became friends. Even though they both have traits that annoy each other (Atsuki wants Lucas to be more outgoing and Lucas wishes Atsuki wasn't such a sore loser) they remain close.

Burnerman: Lucas wasn't so sure of the Darkloid at first (mostly out of concern for Atsuki's well-being) but later befriends him to the point where Burnerman and Lucas would even casually joke with each other (usually about Atsuki) or enjoy some small talk.

Dark Scythe: At first Dark was just there to creep Atsuki and Lucas out but as they hanged out more and more they find themselves no longer creeped out by him and do just about everything together.

Eraseman: He usually teases Lucas about his failed attempts to keep Atsuki and Dark from causing too much trouble but they have a good enough relationship to where Lucas knows Eraseman doesn't mean anything by it and would on occasion poke fun back.

Lan Hikari: He originally thought Lucas would want revenge for defeating his father and Elecman but when Lucas assured he doesn't the two would hang out at times and help each other despite usually finding themselves on opposite sides.

Megaman: The two knows how it feels to be the sane person in their group of (mostly) hotheaded friends and can relate with each other. Due to this Lucas gets along with Megaman a slight bit more than he does Lan.

Scrapped Ideas: Plans I had for Lucas I decided against.

Birds: Originally one of the things I was going to have Lucas love were birds (even having one as a pet that'll acompany him) and he was to have his own navi that had a bird motif - either Jupiter from the Gameboy game or Harpuia from Megaman Zero.
I scrapped this because I did not want Lucas to be the source for any Harry Potter jokes and with Jupiter/Harpuia I felt it kinda lessens how important Elecman was to him while he was growing up.

The Saxophone: This was what I first wanted Lucas to have but I founded myself getting irritated with trying to draw a sax so he instead gets a recorder. It still worked out for me because I wanted for Lucas's instrument to be something completely opposite from Jack's guitar and decided on him having some type of woodwind instrument.

Melody: This one's... interesting.
Originally Jack and Ann had to adopt a girl and she was to appear sometime after the events of NT Warrior, not during it. However she was becoming too similar to Rhythm (another character of mine who is a half-valkyrie in a original series I am working on).
So on a whim I tried to have the character be a boy instead and I was able to give him his own personality.
Background Paint Practice by NeoHydra77
Background Paint Practice
Not much to say here except I was bored and began messing around on Artweaver then somewhere along the way I began making a black and white background with the acrylic brush tool. I didn't even sketch or draw outlines like I usually do.

But then again I'm glad I did this as backgrounds are usually my weak point as I generally prefer drawing characters.

Tell me what you think!
Christmas Ninetales by NeoHydra77
Christmas Ninetales
Disclaimer: I do not own Ninetales, Vulpix, or Pokemon in any way, shape, or form!

And now my final picture for today: Ninetales getting a cute little Christmas present! I really like drawing this pokemon; such a nice, simple design but still a fun one to work with! Plus it's a canine and I love canines!

Hope you all like!



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hello, as you can see I am NeoHydra77.

I've been a huge fan of animation (cartoons and anime) for God knows how long and hope to someday be either an animation (for a cartoon or video game) or comic artist.

Some of the longest series that's been with me are Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Zoids, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Digimon. Also yes I loved every last Sonic cartoon, especially Sonic Underground. As for Digimon, Adventure 01, Tamers, and Xros Wars (NOT including Young Hunters) was just glorious to glorious. For Yu-Gi-Oh I love both the original and GX (need to brush up on 5D's). My hope for the future is for cartoons to make a comeback as all of these reality shows are just ... bleh.

Currently am trying to memorize Nations of the World ... working on it.
Hello everyone!

For the month of October every Saturday I will be posting a picture of villain(s) all the way up to Halloween which is also on a Saturday!

Along with them I'm almost done with a group of pictures I've been working on even before October and been practicing different shading and coloring styles with such as changing the type of layer, the opacity, and so on.

The first one will be posted as soon as I finish typing this so I hope you all will like it and the other pictures which will soon follow!

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